This video covers all of the following categories, and is designed to allow you to complete all the requirements for maintaining your bike to BMW specifications. It is designed for ALL R1200 series motorcycles (Not including the R1200 cruisers), though it is centered around the R1200GS since that is what I have, and was available for filming.

Note: The DVD was designed around the R1200 series BMW from 04-06. It is still technically accurate for up to 08 bikes with a few exceptions. The Brakes on the newer bikes bleeed slightly differently, and the Final Drive fluid change is slightly different. You will likely be able to figure out the differences, but I will be adding updates on the “Pictorials and Info” section to cover these differences. I will also be adding a tutorial on removing the body panels on the R1200RT/ST to the same section in the future.

1. Removing Gas Tank (R1200GS, orhers similar)
2. Changing the Oil
3. Replace the Transmission Fluid
4. Changing the Final Drive
5. Valve Adjustment (See update in the
Updates to DVDs section)
6. Air Filter Change
7. Replace Alternator Belt
8. Brake Bleeding, servo-ABS system
9. Fuel Tank Install
10. Fault Code Read
11. Throttle Body Sync
12. Miscellaneous Checks

I have included the necessary tools, supplies and torque specifications to complete all the listed services. I have also added many helpful tips and notes to make this as simple as possible.

Consider this, the tool to remove and install the alternator belt is nearly $150, I teach you how to do it with no special tools, a savings of $125 right there!

A typical 6K service will run you around $300-350, depending on location. The brake bleed alone can run as high as $400.

What I did not include, since I felt they were self explanatory, was how to check your oil, tires, and lights. I also did not include how to check spoke wheels since I did not have a spokes wheel bike available, they are available on the R1100/1150 DVD.

The DVD should assist those of you on the fence in deciding you CAN do these expensive services yourself, and save money for those all important farkles, and gas for riding!

The DVDs are available for $25 plus $3 shipping to the continental US, $4 to Canada and $6 for Western Europe.

I will accept Paypal as this is my preferred method of payment. I will also accept money orders, and personal checks for US orders ONLY, and with a US bank only. See eShop for instructions.

The DVD is available for shipping immediately. It is produced into a master pressed format like a store bought movie which should be viewable on most DVD formats (NTSC), as well as virtually any lap-top computer. Many top line DVD players in Europe also play this format, though it is the North American Standard. See this link for locations in which this DVD will definitely work.

Download from Rapidshare:

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