Royal Enfield BVM Fuel Run 2012
Royal Enfield logo

The Gloucestershire dealer of Royal Enfield motorcycle, BVM, had organized on the 14th of April a special race for Royal Enfield owners. Not a speed race, nor an endurance race, but a race to see who could beat the factory quoted Miles Per Gallon figure of 79 mpg.

Two categories Enfields were organized, motorcycles with EFI and ones with carburetors. The “race” was held on a 39 mile stretch of road.

The winner of the most economical run was a Royal Enfield Fury, riding the distance at 96.93 mph, the runner up did 92.76 and third best ran at 92.20 mpg. Despite riding a road with many steep climbs, they bettered the factory average by 22%.

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