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Belgium Eye Each Other

Almost every country has them; motorcycle PSA focussed around safety. Motorcycle safety advertisements come in two flavors; cars need to watch out for bikes, or bikes need to watch out for everything else.

Here are 6 TV ads from Belgium of the first kind, cars need to watch out for bikers. Each commercial starts the same, a few seconds of a surreal image of a car and a motorcycle ridden by an eye. That is because the campaign is called “Eye each other”, i.o.w., keep an eye out for each other. The campaign site, Go For Zero is both in French and Flemish.

After the 4 seconds of watching eyes driving vehicles, we come to the ad itself. To be honest, I’m disappointed, since the ads are pretty bland. But it does tell car drivers that they need to watch out for motorcycles, and that is a good thing. Better a bland ad than no ad. Right?

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