basicly cleaning up and putting things and tools away…tonight i feel like its a new shed…..

behind a bunch of stuff was this 4 leading shoe Robinson brake from the 60’s that i bought about ten years ago…i’ve been saving it whilst collecting parts to build a period correct dommiracer for about that long….it cost me about 500 bucks when i bought it and about three years ago i got offered 3500 for it….beautiful and rare it is….and this one is in perfect nick.

also had a bit of time to rework mikes wl front brake setup….road tests have proven its just not sturdy enough…so im remaking and then we will send stuff off to powdercoat again after a road test…

its always hard with the brake stays on springers … trying to mount a more modern drum with an offset…above is a new mount i made and below is the start of the new stay….at drum end…

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