sorry for the slow posting….i’ve got some things going on at the moment that i have to deal with….ill be clear soon. 
here is my day today….put the gearbox back into the 47 

 looked at the design for the exhaust for the mark 5 guzz im building for mate matt…..

drove 100kms to have a meeting for some architecture stuff, then drove 50kms to see chris and pick up some parts……mike wanted to take his wl there for chris to have a look over as he built the motor….while in transit this dude was looking at the bike…just HAPPENED to have a shirt on that said vintage 1942 aged to perfection……whats the fucken chances?!?!
chris’ outfit

his big lathe…3 tonne beast.

and his small lathe (1903)….same as the one taken by Douglas Mawson on his trip to Antarctica

a photo of our friends larry and dorothy (beautiful people hope to see you soon with the saddletramp and my big brother in JB)…

aussie stylin

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