Hyper Optics Shield

#Photochromic #Visors #Tinted – Riding your motorcycle in “unstable” weather, weather were you get alternating sunshine and clouds, or riding in places where there are a lot of shadows (cities, forests), means that your eyes will need to get used to sudden sunshine or sudden darker vision. Of course this is not a problem when you ride with sunglasses since it is always dark. But that is not a good thing either, since if your vision is darkened by sunglasses you might just miss seeing that pothole or animal in front of you. The same applies to using sun-visors built-in your helmet. Although built-in sun-visors are the next best thing since you can lower or raise them whenever you need to, you need to let go of your handlebar to do it, and that is not always welcome either.

One accessory that helps you achieve a more relaxing motorcycle ride, not requiring you to do anything to cut the sun glare or be able to see more of the road, are photochromic visors. These are visors that are placed onto (from the inside of your helmet) your normal visor, and when the sun hits these inserts, they turn darker. When the sun goes away, they go clear. You can buy prescription glasses that do that for the last few decades, so it is not new technology.

So very simple and easy, right? Not really, since one of their biggest defaults until now was that these visors require time to change tint. A few years ago, it could take up to 60 seconds for them to change, and when riding a motorcycle, 60 seconds can be a lifetime.

Maric Performance, a company that has been supplying anti-fog inserts for ages now, have a new product called Hyper Optiks. Hyper Optiks are photochromic inserts that change state within 4 seconds!……….

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