Kingston Squid chase
USA flag

#Video #Squid #Chase – You see them plenty in the USA, when someone idiot decides that he (or maybe even a she) can outrun the police. Let’s face it, outrunning the cops is a very low percentage game. These folks have powerful cars and motorcycles, they have communication and they can summon up their posse to block you off. So the chance that you can outrun them is pretty low, and when they catch you, they are going to be really pissed off.

Here is a case-in-point. A squid on a motorcycle (he rides pretty bad, rides a sports motorcycle and only has a helmet as protection) decides that he can ride faster than the police. He tries the sidewalk, almost runs down someone, almost looses it in a curve (the thing you see flying is the motorcycle seat), takes curves pretty badly and then decides to turn around just when the police car arrives………..

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