lyons valley road

Through tunnels of oaks we were taken back through time to a trading post that looked as if it might have been there for a hundred years or more.

Lyons Valley Trading Post seems like a throw back to a time when local Indians traded baskets and blankets for cigars and alcohol. But not having asked the proprietor, I don’t really know how long the place has been there.

Sash and her friend Mandy, who happens to be the “Rude Biker Chick of the Month“, had planned to go riding together yesterday and then decided to bring their significant others along.

It sounded like a good idea to me.

“Everyone’s wearing denim”, I said, pointing out that I was the only one who brought a leather jacket.

“You don’t have a denim jacket do you?” Sash replied.

I shook my head.  “I don’t need another jacket.  I have this leather jacket and another summer jacket, and that’s about all I want.”

All I knew is that the weather was beautiful and the roads were clean. It was one of those one-handed riding days where my camera hand couldn’t stop capturing the world around. Wildflowers were just starting to bloom and animals of all kinds were crossing the pavement in front of me.

Highway 94 offers some 55 miles of twisted riding through the hills and valleys that surround the US/Mexico border. Tiny hamlets of Dehesa, Potrero, Campo, Jacumba that once served as the town centers of Spanish-land grant farmers still offer watering holes for weary motorcycle riders. Hummingbirds fly right up to you, paying no attention to anything other than a sip from the feeder.

Normally sportbike riders drag their knees along the canyon curves and there’s always a life flight helicopter making a landing there on the weekend.  But it seemed like time moved slowly that afternoon, and we had all day to spin our wheels.

It was a Friday, no traffic, no motorcycles, just the four of us.

To see more photos visit: https://plus.google.com/photos/116269130583969708148/albums/5990817677020766481

mandy davila biker chick
Mandy rides a Honda Shadow
lyons valley road
Mandy and Louie following Sash
lyons valley trading post
Sash, Mandy, and Louie taking a break at Lyons Valley Trading Post
triumph thruxton
Louie rides a Triumph Thruxton with a new set of aftermarket shocks that gave him a very tight ride
highway 94 motorcycles
Me up ahead on Highway 94
highway 94
Fast turns along Highway 94
potrero general store
Hanging out at Potrero General Store, along Highway 94

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