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Kevin Baas and the Kennedy High School Chopper Class

When Kennedy High School’s shop teacher, Mr. Baas, rode up to school on his old motorcycle, the students took notice. “Teach” invited them after school to talk about vintage bikes and the history of Harley-Davidson. Thanks to his dedication, as well as many supporters, Motorcycle Technology is now a full-credit class that students can use toward graduation. In this class, students build a motorcycle while learning metal fabrication, welding, cooperation, and more skills that they can use in other areas of their lives.

This 2010 OHV V-Twin custom nicknamed "Stretch" was built by the students in the Motorcycle Technology class and is currently on display in the Museum. To learn more about about the bike, including "before and after" photos, log on the Members Only section of our website and visit Behind The Scenes. http://bit.ly/MJgZne

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