Mad Men Drinking Game

It’s no secret that the characters in Mad Men love to booze—so why not join them?

There’s no better show to raise your glass to than Mad Men. With witty characters, foot-cutting lawnmowers, adulterous spouses and bar carts galore, the show begs for its own drinking game.

Is that a cigarette in Sally’s hand? Shot. Did Roger utter a double entendre? Shot. Did Betty threaten to break her child’s arm? Double shot. This Sunday’s mid-season finale is a perfect occasion to dust off your cocktail shakers and get ready to knock ’em back. In pure Draper fashion, be sure to have some Alka-Seltzer at your desk come Monday morning.

On your mark. Get set. Take a drink every time…

1. Harry Crane says something stupid.

2. There’s a random act of violence.

3. Betty is mean to her children.

4. Megan throws a tantrum… Pete throws a tantrum…

Anyone throws a tantrum, really.

5. There’s a reference to “modern” technology.

6. A secretary gets yelled at.

7. Sally smokes or rolls her eyes.

8. There’s a period reference.

9. Someone cries.

10. Roger cracks a joke.

By now, you might be so tipsy you could be convinced you actually live in the 1960s.