2016 Dark Horse
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The chief dark horse is going to be presented to American enthusiasts at Chicago’s progressive International Motorcycle show on 13 February, Friday. It will be presented after the conclusion of the Dark Horse challenge ride.

After presenting it to the Americans, 12 hours later, it will be presented to the audience of London at the MCN London Motorcycle show. Indian press release announced the official news for this amazing ride. It will be on road with the group ride through Chicago which is named as Dark Horse challenge ride.

Display of Indian motorcycle at MCN London will have all the amazing and classic rides by Indian motorcycle. It will have all the new Indian scouts, 2015 chief line-up, Roadmaster and many more. It will also include accessories and much more which will attract the enthusiasts of London.

It will be soon be out for the international audiences and they will get their chance to see this amazing ride. For more information about 2016 Chief Dark Horse, visit www.indianmotorcycle.com

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