We have some sad news for cocktailians: Despite the report last month that a cocktail a day could help keep the doctor away, the debate rages on about whether moderate drinking provides any real health benefits.

A study by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research puts a damper on the idea that drinking liquor in moderation is a good thing, by examining a factor that other studies didn’t: food.

The researchers found that although moderate liquor consumption may have health benefits, it’s probably not enough to make your daily drinks worthwhile. Why? Because of the positive correlation between drinking cocktails—even in moderation—and over-indulging in fatty foods.

According to the study, alcohol at dinnertime made participants more likely to crave (and indulge in) food that was both savory and high in fat (hello, diner burgers and fries!), rather than options that were lower in fat or even sweet.

We know from experience that alcohol and greasy food goes hand in hand, but it was nice to believe that our love of cocktails was somehow benefiting our health.

Dream on, cocktail lovers. Dream on.

Read more about the study at ABC News Radio.

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