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Sep 14

The Cosmic Rider by Heiner Trapp

The Cosmic Rider

Austrian Heiner Trapp is a climbing Arborist. He bit knows about how to maintain a two stroke engine and keeping one tuned. In addition, he is interested in customizing from a young age.

One day Heiner climbed up a tree and see an old puke green motorcycle RD/ RZ350 YPVS in the yard of his neighbor house. He went to the owner and agreed to buy. Returning home Heiner immediately set to work devising a design for the future of custom bikes. He wanted an easy and fast bike. So, Heiner assistant with professional master Bernhard Naumann built a custom “der Kosmische Reiter” (The Cosmic Rider).

The Cosmic Rider Features:

Kit: Make Bernard Naumann – aluminum fuel tank, tail section, a leather saddle
Tank cap Monza
Engine: Repair, powder painting, Wössner pistons and more
Exhaust: Customize work by Jim Lomas (known racer, a specialist in exhaust sound systems)
Control unit: Celltronic
Power: 70 hp on the dyne

der Kosmische Reiter Images

der Kosmische Reiter Pictures

The Cosmic Rider front light

The Cosmic Rider handle and fuel tank

The Cosmic Rider Photos

The Cosmic Rider silencers

der Kosmische Reiter Fuel Tank

Sep 14

Custom Urban Cavalry by Rough Crafts

Custom Urban Cavalry front side photos

“Urban Cavalry” is a newest project of “Rough Crafts”, who are leading experts on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In this case, they remade motorcycle Harley-Davidson Dyna, which provided by the Taiwanese representative of the American firm, giving Winston Yeh complete freedom to pursue his own direction.

Urban Cavalry Details:

Donor: Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob 2014
Suspension: inverted forks on a sportbike Kawasaki, shock Ohlins, aluminum swingarm from Roaring Toyz
Transmission: Belt, BDL
Brakes: disc brakes, custom American firm Lyndall Racing Brakes, 6-piston calipers ISR
Engine: carburetor S & S Super G + unusual exhaust system Dog House Racing
Wheel: Arlen Ness Beveled Wheels, 18” at the front and 17” at the back

Custom Urban Cavalry

Urban Cavalry by Rough Crafts front tire

Urban Cavalry by Rough Crafts gear

Custom Urban Cavalry back side

Custom Urban Cavalry chain

Custom Urban Cavalry engine

Custom Urban Cavalry fuel tank and seat

Custom Urban Cavalry handle

Custom Urban Cavalry logo

Custom Urban Cavalry on stand

Custom Urban Cavalry seat images

Custom Urban Cavalry seat pictures

Custom Urban Cavalry silencer

Sep 14

Beautiful Custom Harley FLH 1971 by Jamesville

1971 Harley FLH photos

James Roper-Caldbeck from “Jamesville” specializes in the restoration and modification of vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles. He lives and works in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. James loves Bobber because; it attracts simplicity and retro style. For example, consider a custom HD FLH, which is, in fact, the Budget Project.

Details of Custom 1971 Harley FLH:

Customer: Jens. He asked James to make a custom similar to David Beckham’s Knuckle, built by the Garage Company.” However, James offered something else
Donor: 1971 HD FLH Shovelhead
Engine and gearbox: restored
Carburetor: S & S
Electrical system: new + small battery
Fuel tank: Danish moped SCO, modified
Rear fender: Super Glide, redone
Wheels: aluminum, 19-inch, Akront
Tires: Excelsior Comp-H 400-19

1971 Harley FLH by Jamesville

1971 Harley FLH closeup

1971 Harley FLH fuel tank and handle

1971 Harley FLH Images

1971 Harley FLH LOGO

1971 Harley FLH on stand

1971 Harley FLH Pictures

1971 Harley FLH seat

Back side of 1971 Harley FLH

Front light of 1971 Harley FLH

1971 Harley FLH back lights

Sep 14

‘The Crunch’ by Das Traumwerk

The Crunch’ Bike front light

Alex Ahrer and Herwig Prammer built an interesting BOARD Tracker with elements of street-tracker and Rat style. They have done a really interesting job. For example, the fuel tank lay on the sheep farm for 3 months, which is completely covered with corrosion. In addition, Alex and Herwig painted yellow engine that allocates the machine against all motorcycle. Alex Ahrer and Herwig Prammer live in Austria, running a workshop “Das Traumwerk”. They are also assisted by the town blacksmith, a multitude of local petrolheads, and a retired Austrian 600cc champion.

Details of the project “The Crunch”:

Donor: BMW R80 / July 1977
Inspiration: BOARD trackers beginning of the 20th century
Saddle: Replica of Mesinger Racer (20-30′s’s used on many American bikes)
Speed switch: Bakelite
Tail lamp from the tractor Steyr
Front fender from an old Harley Sportster

The main feature of the bike is that it is completely suitable for driving in Austria, where the Austria’s laws are similar to Germany’s famously strict TÜV inspections.

The Crunch engine

The Crunch’ Bike back light

The Crunch’ Bike fuel tank

The Crunch’ Bike light

The Crunch’ Bike Pictures

The Crunch’ Bike race

The Crunch’ Bike seat

‘The Crunch’ by Das Traumwerk

Customizers of The Crunch