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Jul 14

Custom VDB Moto B-1 by Derick

Custom VDB Moto B-1 by Derick

VDB Moto is custom-shop, which was founded as the desire of the owner to build a motorcycle for himself. Customizer Derick hails from Italy but lives in New York. At some point in life, he decided to try his hand at customizing, and he began to receive. VDB Moto B-1 is a second draft of Derick, while the first custom was Bonneville.

Project details of VDB Moto B-1:

Donor: BMW R80RT 1986
Goal: a combination of old and new school
Removal and relief motorcycle was pulled up cog; Derick removed many unnecessary details and brackets
Suspension: upgraded set monoshock
Rear wing: the original, and the raw, which is native rust
Headlight: 7-inch
Speedometer: Smiths
Tires: Pirelli MT43
Aluminum mount for surfboards
Aluminum badges VDB
Short ceramic coated mufflers that provide a throaty soundtrack
Frame: redesigned subframe + a custom saddle

Custom VDB Moto B-1 Handle

Jul 14

Custom Honda CX500 Street Scrambler by Pacific Motorcycle

CX500 Street Scrambler front lights

Alan and his team “The Pacific Motorcycle Co.” has built an exquisite custom Honda CX500 Street Scrambler. American customizers specialize in motorcycles Moto Guzzi, as well as old vehicles Honda, etc. In this case, they remade Japanese motorcycle Honda CX500, which is equipped with a V-shaped longitudinal engine layout.

Project details of Custom Honda CX500 Street Scrambler:

Donor: Honda CX500 1981 / in
Mileage: 48,000 km
Inspiration: Moto Guzzi Griso SE
Fuel tank: Kawasaki KZ750
Type: Standard with rubber Shinko 705
Fork: Upgraded, powder coating
Wheel: Motocross
Brakes: Reinforced hoses, new master cylinder, disc with holes
Front fender: Yamaha RD
Rear wing: A custom
Lighting: A pair of round headlights, LED turn signals, brake light replica Bates
Saddle: a custom vinyl
Shock: Progressive Suspension
Filters: K & N
Battery: Shorai Lithium Battery

CX500 Street Scrambler Images

CX500 Street Scrambler side pictures

CX500 Street Scrambler silencers

Custom Honda CX500 Street Scrambler by Pacific Motorcycle

Custom Honda CX500 Street Scrambler Pictures

CX500 Street Scrambler back light

CX500 Street Scrambler Fuel Tank

Jul 14

Oily Rag Kz400 Tracker by David Sutton

Girl with Oily Rag Kz400 Tracker

Experts from the workshop “Oily Rag” engaged in unparalleled construction of custom bikes with unconventional design. This time, we consider their project Oily Rag KZ400 Tracker. Motorcycle made purely for the track, so devoid of useless lighting and electronics. “I’d always fancied a Harley XR750 but with the silly prices they go for, that just wasn’t an option.” says David Sutton, Oily Rag Owner and Chief Designer.

Project details of Oily Rag Kz400 Tracker:

Donor: Kawasaki KZ400 1977, bought on eBay
Paint: Green, David Sutton explains: “Of course, there was only one color; we wanted to paint the bike”
Frame: shortened redesigned subframe, removed all unnecessary brackets
Tail: the classic saddle
Fuel tank: Kawasaki 250 with cover DT175
Exhaust: high fixed pipe
Wings: shortened front fender, rear fender of the trial set
Wheel: Central Wheel Components, powder coating
Steps from Honda motocross

Oily Rag Kz400 Tracker side pictures

Oily Rag Kz400 Tracker by Oily Rag

Oily Rag Kz400 Tracker engine and silencer

Oily Rag Kz400 Tracker front side

Oily Rag Kz400 Tracker Fuel Tank

Oily Rag Kz400 Tracker seat and fuel tank

Jul 14

MC Tiger 45 by Foundry Motorcycle

MC Tiger 45 by Foundry Motorcycle

Beautiful MC Tiger 45 is a latest project of the masters from “Foundry Motorcycle”, who made every effort to build an interesting and unusual bike. Above the bike worked wizard Tom and Simon, who work in Chichester, England. They also run a coffee shop and online store.

Features of MC Tiger 45:

Customer: a big fan of Bobber
Donor: Harley-Davidson Sportster
Unnecessary details have been sold through eBay, to offset the costs: orange tank, large wings, risers, handlebars, saddle
Wheels: 18-inch rear, front 19-inch
Rear suspension
Tires: Avon Roadrider
Frame: virtually original, rebuilt subframe
Fuel tank: Triumph T100, redone
Wheel: Biltwell Tracker
Levers: Custom Tech
Switches: Moto Gadget M
Engine: visually facilitated by alteration covers
Homemade items: saddle, exhaust with thermal tape, taillight
Speedometer: Digital
Headlight: 7-inch classic lamp

Foundry MC Tiger 45 Pictures

Foundry MC Tiger 45 silencer

Foundry MC Tiger 45 back side photos

Foundry MC Tiger 45 break

Foundry MC Tiger 45 clutch

Foundry MC Tiger 45 engine Pix

Foundry MC Tiger 45 fron side images

Foundry MC Tiger 45 front light

Foundry MC Tiger 45 fuel tank

Foundry MC Tiger 45 on road

Foundry MC Tiger 45 on stand