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Oct 14

K-Kustom Garage Reveals New Custom Honda Megapro 150

K-Kustom Garage Reveals New Custom Honda Megapro 150

Aries Thuex is a talented customizer who lives and works in Indonesia. He runs a workshop named “K-Kustom Garage”, where he engaged in alteration of bikes. In this post, I suggest to consider his project based on 2010 Honda Megapro 150. He received this bike from donor having only a few original parts: frame, hubs, swingarm, and engine – the rest redone or replaced.

Features and details of Custom Honda Megapro 150:

- Wheels: 17-inch (18-inch were)
- Off-road tires
- 400-mile test drive after re-checking the bike for durability and reliability
- The new mirrors with unusual mount
- New lighting
- New mount license plate
- Instead of the rear drum brake mounted 320-mm disc brake
- Double seat + passenger footrests
- Custom exhaust
- Painting
- Rear suspension
- Fork Yamaha Bison

New Custom Honda Megapro 150 at beach

New Custom Honda Megapro 150 backside

New Custom Honda Megapro 150 front light

New Custom Honda Megapro 150 Photos

New Custom Honda Megapro 150 Pictures

New Custom Honda Megapro 150 seat

Oct 14

2015 Indian Scout Review

Indian Scout

Similar to the Harley-Davisdon Sportster Superlow, Indian scout is a surprisingly compact bike that feels remarkably low to the ground. It takes a small amount of clutch slip to get the Scout smoothly off the line. Torque peaks at 5,900 rpm, but if you want to keep the throttle pinned in first gear, you’ll see an indicated 55 mph on the analog speed, and up to 8,300 rpm on the tachometer. Scout got a huge sound like a cruiser. It weighs 562 pounds but when it is moving it seems to dissolve it due to its low center of gravity. It has an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Indian Scout

Scout has an exceptional design. It’s styling and engineering are integrated in a refined, no-frills style. The classic rigid triangle of the original Indian Scout is featured here in re-engineered form. Stylish Fenders have a spare, jaunty style and display the elegant flow of genuine Indian Motorcycle bodywork. The 2015 Indian Scout features a tank badge like that of the iconic tank badges found on Scouts since the 1920′s.

Indian Scout

Engine itself is a masterpiece, has a stunning and appealing exhaust note and delivers impressive power on demand. Riders love to ride the scout as a passion. The lightweight chassis enhances the maneuverability and fun factor for the most rewarding riding. The comfortable seat features new desert tan leather designed to withstand the elements. The reliable, efficient liquid cooling ensures consistently outstanding performance in all riding conditions. It’s outstanding lean angle inspires the riders to go for the high speed cornering. For these obvious purposes these scouts are frequently used in the movies for the stunts.

indian scout

Let’s through a light on the specifications of this legend. It has a 69 cubic inch liquid-cool v twin engine. It gives an output of 100 horsepower, 72 lb-ft torque. It has a fuel capacity of 3.3 gallons. It can handle maximum lean angle of 31 degrees and has a seat height of 25.3 inches. It has single disc front and rear brakes, 2 piston 298 mm rotor per single disc and 1 piston 298 mm rotor. It has digital Tachometer, Odometer, Trip Meter, Engine Temp and low Fuel lamp electric gauges. Price of this wild ride is $ 10,999.00.

indian scout

Legend Indian scout has come up with great custom options. Reduced Reach Seat, controls, and handlebars provide comfortable seating and customized ergonomics for shorter riders and riders who would feel more comfortable when seated closer to the foot pegs and lower controls. Windshields provides riders with the fullest wind and weather protection for enhanced comfort while riding.

Indian scout

The Driver Backrest provides a rider with back support and greater riding comfort. This sturdy backrest bolts securely into place at the back of the driver seat and provides the rider with comfortable support to keep him fresher longer during a day of riding. Scout saddlebags and tank pouch provide versatile and convenient cargo space that look great with your bike.

Oct 14

Cub Green: Honda Custom Motorcycle by Minority Custom

Custom Cub Green Pictures

Indonesian experts “Minority Custom” has debuted an excellent project of custom Honda C70 moped “Eyes”. The workshop is located in Surabaya, East Java administrative center. Owner Jonathan Evan works independently repairing and tinkering with motorcycles. He took part in the festival “Kustomfest 2014″, which was presented to over 150 unique custom bikes. Jonathan has performed with special motorcycle Cub Green.

Custom Cub Green Features:

- Donor Honda Cub
- Purpose: the construction of a hybrid between a cafe racer and scramblers
- Monolithic wheels
- All-terrain tires
- Fuel tank Honda CB175
- Homemade steering wheel
- Custom lighting
- Homemade saddle
- Painting: Green

Cub Green by Custom Minority

Custom Cub Green handle and photos

Custom Cub Green LOGO

Custom Cub Green shocks and front light

Oct 14

Yamaha Revealed 2015 ‘Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer’

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer Pictures

Yamaha has introduced a motorcycle ‘Yamaha WR450F Rally’, which has been designed specifically for the Dakar Rally, as well as the World Cup. Motorcycle was developed by experts of the Italian Yamaha together with the team Rebel X Sports. To achieve the objective, the Italian rider Manuel Lucchese was hired to guide the engineers in the right direction. The bike will be sold at costs 13,490 Euros. In addition, for 5690 Euros you can buy a kit to upgrade the standard of the bike Yamaha WR450F.


Base: Yamaha WR450F
Fuel tank capacity: 28.5 liters (front tank – 18 liters, removable rear tank – 10.5 liters)
Power reserve: about 300 km
Accessories: motor protection, the protection of the pump, tool kit for emergency repairs, tuned exhaust to improve performance at low and high speeds, tuned engine control unit, fairing, high windshield, navigation tidy
Headlights: 50-watt LEDs
Battery: Lithium-ion
Brakes: 270 mm front disk (in stock 250-mm)

2015 ‘Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer’

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer back and upper side

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer back side photos

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer dick break

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer engine

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer handle

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer Images

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer left side pix

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer LOGO

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer silencer

Customizer thinking on Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer

Customizer with Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer