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Apr 14

Kawasaki Cafe Racer: Motorcycle RCM-283 by AC Sanctuary

Motorcycle RCM-283 by AC Sanctuary Pictures

The Japanese most popular builders from the workshop “AC Sanctuary” have customized and remade dozens or perhaps hundreds of old motorcycles like Kawasaki, Yamaha, etc. They have their own style, and the new bike AC Sanctuary RCM-283 is truly awesome. The Japanese took the motorcycle Kawasaki Z1 as basis, which has undergone significant upgrades. The result is as usual, above all praise.

Features and details of AC Sanctuary RCM-283:

Donor: Kawasaki Z1
Frame: maximum facilitated repainted in black
Engine: rebuilt and balanced
Carburetors: Mikuni TMR36
Clutch: police version of Z1 + kit Nitro Racing
Exhaust: Nitro Racing titanium silencer
Saddle: Sanctuary
Pendulum traverse: Sanctuary
Suspension: Öhlins
Wheelbase: 17 “OZ Racing Piegas
Tires: Pirelli Diablo 3.5 “/ 5.5″
Brakes are assembled from components Nissin, Sunstar and Brembo
Approximate cost: $ 40,000

Kawasaki Cafe Racer

Kawasaki Cafe Racer Ac Sanctuary Meter

Kawasaki Cafe Racer Ac Sanctuary Shocks

Kawasaki Cafe Racer Ac Sanctuary Silencer

Kawasaki Cafe Racer By Ac Sanctuary

Kawasaki Cafe Racer Engine

Motorcycle RCM-283 AC Sanctuary Photos

Apr 14

Beautiful Custom 56 Moto C50

Beautiful Custom 56 Moto C50

Tom works in a small workshop “56 Motorcycles”, which is located in the heart of Paris. Recently he presented the photos of custom moped 56 Moto C50 that is his personal vehicle. Tom always admired small capacity of Honda mopeds and owned considerable amount of mini bikes, but always hated serial motorcycle, with a special passion for remaking, tuning and customizing.

Project details of 56 Moto C50:

Donor Honda C50: fairing removed, original seat, lighting and many other details
Frame: redone and repainted
Suspension, new rear shock
Engine: carburetor Keihin, filter zero resistance
A custom saddle
From the mountain bike wheel, adjusted the throttle stick
In light hot rod style
Original rear wing, shortened
Off-Road tires

Custom 56 Moto C50 Pictures

Custom 56 Moto C50 Saddle and back light

Custom 56 Moto C50 Upper side

Custom 56 Moto C50  Handle and seat

C50 Honda Logo

Custom 56 Moto C50 Front Light

Apr 14

Spectacular Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker

Street Tracker Yamaha XS650

Michel Szozda is a talented customizer who sacrificed his own ride and sold it to fund the opening of his own workshop “Cool Kid Customs”. Cafe Racer “Cracker Jack” Michel was the first project (pictured below), but now propose to consider in detail the new custom bike ‘Street Tracker Yamaha XS650’.

Cracker Jack Pictures

Project details:

Donor: Yamaha XS650
Frame: redone, facilitated and shortened
Fuel tank: airbrush – craftsmen WallDizzy, who specialize in wall murals
Suspension fork understated, short-stroke shock absorbers
Avon Tires
Off-road wheel
A custom saddle
Engine: fully moved, polished manifold and a pair of forward flow
Starter: kick only, electric starter cleaned and redone the entire electrical system
Fairing and side panels: made from old skateboards

Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker Pictures

Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker silencer and tire

Fuel Tank - Cool Kid Customs Yahama X650

Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker Fuel Tank

Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker lock and engine

Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker Photos

via: (Fb)CoolKidCustoms

Apr 14

Mesmerizing Custom Black Belt by Andre Pinheiro

Mesmerizing Custom Black Belt by Andre Pinheiro

Custom “Black Belt” is the result of intensive training, constant practice and passion to work with technology. Motorcycle is built by Andre Pinheiro of a relatively new workshop “Reborn Customs”.

Andre Pinheiro was born in Porto, Portugal, at the age of 18 years he moved to London, where he enrolled at Kingston University in the Department of “Automobile Industry”. After graduation, he returned home, after which he worked at Audi. For many years, he thought the project motorcycle in 2013, Andre has finally made an important step, deciding to change his life. So, he started the construction of custom bikes.

Project details of Custom Black Belt:

Donor: Honda CB750 1996
Engine: original, repainted
Customized Carbs
Customize Exhaust
Rear suspension: shock absorbers 50 mm shorter Photo
Frame: redesigned rear subframe under the new tail
LIGHTING: LED tail lights, headlight with LED circuit
Homemade aluminum parts: central box section saddles, tidy
Front fairing made of helmet Shark Raw
Tires Heidenau k73 and other trivia

Custom Black Belt Digital Meter

Custom Black Belt head light

Custom Black Belt Light

Custom Black Belt Pictures

Custom Black Belt seat

Customizer Andre Pinheiro

Custom Black Belt back Tire