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Aug 14

Custom Suzuki GN250 by Marcelo Obarrio

Suzuki GN250 pictures

Marcelo Obarrio lives in Buenos Aires, working in his studio “STG Bikes”. He makes parts, dirt, jump and fixie cycle frame for off-road bikes. He has branched out into the world of petrol power. Custom Suzuki GN250 is his third project.

Custom Suzuki GN250 Features:

Donor: Suzuki GN250 1994 with mileage 19,000 km
Wheels: 18-inch
Tires: Bridgestones Gritty ED-02
Tidy: a small speedometer
Suspension: new anthers, native plug, new shock absorbers
Fuel tank: Suzuki GN, modified
Saddle: homemade, brown leather
Filter: K & N
Exhaust: Customize

Custom Suzuki GN250 by Marcelo Obarrio

Custom Suzuki GN250 Fuel Tank

Suzuki GN250 back light

Suzuki GN250 Engine

Suzuki GN250 front and meter

Suzuki GN250 front light

Aug 14

2016 Midual Type 1 Prototype Revealed (Pictures and Specifications)

2016 Midual Type 1 Prototype Pictures

Midual is a French company and mostly motorcyclists are probably unfamiliar with this brand. Originally it was formed in 1992 by entrepreneur Olivier Midy. In 1999 the company introduced the concept of 875-cubic roadster, thanks to which has received worldwide recognition. Unfortunately, the company did not have the financial resources to implement the plans, so Midual 900 always remained only a concept. In the early 2000s the company had gone into the shadows, and last week appeared in California, introducing a new motorcycle Midual Type 1.

Specifications of Midual Type 1:

Engine: boxer engine mounted transversely in the chassis at an angle of 25 °, DOHC, injector
Capacity: 1036 cm3 (100 x 66 mm)
Torque: 100 Nm at 5300 r / min
Power: 106 hp at 8000 r / min
Chassis: aluminum frame with integral fuel tank (14 liters)
Dashboard: installed on the tank, analog devices
Suspension: 43 mm fork with Ohlins FGRT swing 120 mm (angle adjustable from 24 to 25 degrees), aluminum swingarm, shock absorber Ohlins TTX36 console with 120 mm stroke
Brake System: Brembo, the front wheels 2×320 mm + 2-piston caliper, rear 245 mm disc with 2-piston caliper
Wheels: 17-inch
Tires: Michelin 120-70 / 180-55
Start of production: 2016
Standard: 35 units
Price: EUR 140 000

2016 Midual Type 1 Prototype

2016 Midual Type 1 Prototype silencer

Midual Type 1 Prototype Digital Meters

Midual Type 1 Prototype Engine

Midual Type 1 Prototype fuel tank

Midual Type 1 Prototype fuel tank structure

Midual Type 1 Prototype Images

Midual Type 1 Prototype LOGO

Midual Type 1 Prototype Meter

Midual Type 1 Prototype on road

Midual Type 1 Prototype Revealed

Rider on Midual Type 1 Prototype

Rider with Midual Type 1 Prototype

upper side of Midual Type 1 Prototype

Aug 14

Motorcycle Yamaha XJ650 by Ad Hoc Café Racers

Yamaha XJ650 front light

Motorcycle Yamaha XJ650 is not the best choice for custom-built bike, but Barcelona’s master David Gonzalez from “Ad Hoc Café Racers” was able to realize the full potential of a small Japanese bike. The project was at least unusual, although fully consistent with the corporate identity of “Ad Hoc”.

Custom Yamaha XJ650 Details:

Donor: Yamaha XJ650, 1984 (terrible state after many years in the barn)
Goal: build 2-seater bike for everyday trips on Spanish roads
Tires: Metzeler Marathon tires
Wheels: 16-inch front wheel, 15-inch rear wheel
Suspension: understated by about 50-80 mm
Frame: cleaned of rust, sandblast, matt chrome-plated
Engine: good condition, installed new filters and carburetors cleaned Hitachi CV
Fuel tank: Sanglas 400Y (Spanish producer who worked until 1982), is modified, it is installed electronics and rechargeable lithium battery
Other details: square lamp, large speedometer, painting

Yamaha XJ650 Pictures

Yamaha XJ650 break

Yamaha XJ650 by Ad Hoc Café Racers

Yamaha XJ650 Images

Yamaha XJ650 Key

Aug 14

Custom BMW Boxer (Features and Pictures)

Custom BMW Boxer Engine

Nowadays motorcycles BMW R-series are really popular donors for the construction of custom bikes, and a wide variety of styles, ranging from the cafe racers and ending Bobber. Master Filippo Barbacane of “Officine Rossopuro” is known as one of the best and leading Italian customizer. He has customized many Moto Guzzi bikes, but this time he wanted to remake the BMW, as Bavarian motorcycles have charisma!

BMW Boxer Features:

Suspension reinforced swingarm, 45 mm fork Marzocchi, shock absorbers Bitubos
Tires: Heidenau
Brakes: 320mm discs, Brembo calipers
Electrical system: lithium battery mounted under the transmission, new wiring under the tank
Speedometer: Daytona
Exhaust: Mass (Italy)
Paint: powder coating frame and chassis, 2-color graphics on the tank

Custom BMW Boxer Front Light