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Oct 14

Cub Green: Honda Custom Motorcycle by Minority Custom

Custom Cub Green Pictures

Indonesian experts “Minority Custom” has debuted an excellent project of custom Honda C70 moped “Eyes”. The workshop is located in Surabaya, East Java administrative center. Owner Jonathan Evan works independently repairing and tinkering with motorcycles. He took part in the festival “Kustomfest 2014″, which was presented to over 150 unique custom bikes. Jonathan has performed with special motorcycle Cub Green.

Custom Cub Green Features:

- Donor Honda Cub
- Purpose: the construction of a hybrid between a cafe racer and scramblers
- Monolithic wheels
- All-terrain tires
- Fuel tank Honda CB175
- Homemade steering wheel
- Custom lighting
- Homemade saddle
- Painting: Green

Cub Green by Custom Minority

Custom Cub Green handle and photos

Custom Cub Green LOGO

Custom Cub Green shocks and front light

Oct 14

Yamaha Revealed 2015 ‘Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer’

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer Pictures

Yamaha has introduced a motorcycle ‘Yamaha WR450F Rally’, which has been designed specifically for the Dakar Rally, as well as the World Cup. Motorcycle was developed by experts of the Italian Yamaha together with the team Rebel X Sports. To achieve the objective, the Italian rider Manuel Lucchese was hired to guide the engineers in the right direction. The bike will be sold at costs 13,490 Euros. In addition, for 5690 Euros you can buy a kit to upgrade the standard of the bike Yamaha WR450F.


Base: Yamaha WR450F
Fuel tank capacity: 28.5 liters (front tank – 18 liters, removable rear tank – 10.5 liters)
Power reserve: about 300 km
Accessories: motor protection, the protection of the pump, tool kit for emergency repairs, tuned exhaust to improve performance at low and high speeds, tuned engine control unit, fairing, high windshield, navigation tidy
Headlights: 50-watt LEDs
Battery: Lithium-ion
Brakes: 270 mm front disk (in stock 250-mm)

2015 ‘Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer’

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer back and upper side

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer back side photos

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer dick break

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer engine

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer handle

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer Images

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer left side pix

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer LOGO

Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer silencer

Customizer thinking on Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer

Customizer with Yamaha WR450F Rally Racer

Oct 14

Arcanum SR500 by Addiction Customs

Arcanum SR500 by Addiction Customs

Beautiful custom bike Arcanum SR500 is built by customizer Nicholas Blaxell from the workshop “Addiction Customs”. He bought a motorcycle Yamaha SR500 1978 a guy from Newcastle, and then delivered it to Australia. Japanese bike was not in working condition, it didn’t start since last 10 years. Nicholas had 8 weeks to build this custom bike as to prepare a draft for Motor Show “Throttle Roll”.

Features and details of the project:

  • Inspiration: Japanese masters projects An-Bu Custom Motors
  • Recovery: most of the components and parts restored to its original state
  • New parts: wiring, oil pump, filters, battery, clutch, bearings, and more
  • Fuel tank: a custom made pad
  • Saddle: a custom, home-made mount
  • Tail: homemade
  • Engine: bored out to 535 cm3, installed a set of new pistons
  • Keihin FCR39
  • Suspension: Ohlins shock absorber and rebuilt forks

Arcanum SR500 Custom fuel tank

Arcanum SR500 Custom meter

Arcanum SR500 Custom Mirrors

Arcanum SR500 Custom Pictures

Rider on Arcanum SR500 Custom

Oct 14

ER Motorcycles Revealed a New Custom Bike ‘ER Voltron’

New Custom Bike ER Voltron

Slovenian customizers “ER Motorcycles” is led by Blaž Šuštaršič. They recently submitted a new draft “ER Voltron” on the basis of BMW R69S. New custom is similar to previous projects of the masters, but has its own peculiarities and differences, representing a more modern bike of the 21st century.

Features Custom ER Voltron:

- The aim was to build a city scramblers / tracker with an emphasis on visual simplicity
- Upgraded frame BMW R69S 1964
- Part BMW R80RT: engine, fork, 18-inch wheels
- Gearbox BMW R100
- Fuel tank BMW R60 / 5 Toaster
- Brembo calipers
- Wheel Renthal
- Electronics Motogadget, including tidy
- Tires Heidenau K60 Scout
- Tarozzi Pegs
- Ariette Grips
- Everything else: self-made components

Customizer on Custom ER Voltron

New Custom Bike ER Voltron back side pictures

New Custom Bike ER Voltron front light

New Custom Bike ER Voltron silencer hole

Custom ER Voltron back light

Custom ER Voltron engine

Custom ER Voltron gear

Custom ER Voltron Images

Custom ER Voltron meter

Custom ER Voltron mirror

Custom ER Voltron Photos

Custom ER Voltron tire