Police Officer and Alleged Bike Gang Member Resigns Over Dustup With the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Ohio

Sandusky police Officer and alleged member of the Warthogs Motorcycle Club,  Mel Burns,  has resigned in the wake of  allegations he was involved  in an incident with the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. Burns  indicated that he intends to retire. Police investigators say Burns was on duty when entered into an argument between the Outlaw and Warthog […]

It’s Cop vs Biker, Warthog vs Outlaw in Ohio Bike Gang Confrontation

A Sandusky police officer – and alleged motorcycle club member – is engaged in a very public brouhaha with members of a rival motorcycle club over an incident in an Ohio bar. The Aug. 16 incident at Margaritaville bar which started the trouble began when Sandusky Officer Mel Burns reportedly confronted members of the Outlaws […]

Classic Danny Lyon Motorcycle Photos – The Bikeriders

Danny Lyon is a self-taught American photographer and filmmaker whose first book,a study of outlaw bikers and racers, The Bikeriders, has become the foremost photographic historical treatise on what it meant to be a biker in the midwest during the mid-1960′s. To realize his masterwork, Lyon joined the Chicago Outlaws motorcycle club and traveled with […]